The Office X Street Style


We all know street style is all about those jeans,the simple top,the leather jacket,that blue denim jacket and those rubbers or boots.In most cases those “office pants”or the “khaki pants” are generally worn when going to the office because its the descent wear that makes you look you professional.

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Mum Jeans

Hello Friends,

This post is a shoot i did like two weeks ago but never posted it.So me and my friend we decide to do a street shoot but as we walk along in town,we decide of having a meal in town.The restaurant interior we went to was just amazing,the color blend in perfect and yes i have a thing for shouting colors….lol so we decided to do a shoot there.

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Easy Summer

Hello again, lovely blog friends.

I miss the coast already,its been two weeks since i came back.My birthday was two weeks ago didn’t have much planned that day considering it was a working day, good thing the next day was a holiday.I celebrated my birthday the next coupleĀ  of days by traveling to the coast and just having a good time with my boyfriend and our good friends who took good care of us when we visited the coast.

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In To The Woods

Hey there,

I know have been silent for while,am sorry about it.Am back now more good stuff coming not taking a break of silence again.

This post is more about an adventure within Karura forest.The day was quite a slow one because it was so cold,muddy,calm and at some point it rained now and then, but it was an exciting place to visit.

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